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Ted Baker Mia Set 100ml Eau De Toilette Spray+Hair/bag Tie – 1 Set


Ted Baker Mia Set 100ml Eau De Toilette Spray+Hair/bag Tie - 1 Set

Ted Baker Mia Set

Bid a warm welcome to the fabulous Ted Baker Mia Set. Designed for the contemporary woman, this set boasts the lovely Mia Eau De Toilette Spray of 100ml capacity coupled with a stylish hair/bag tie. Crafted by the iconic fashion house of Ted Baker, this handpicked set exudes a distinct blend of floral and fruity fragrance that is sure to make you stand out from the crowd.

Key Features to Consider:

The standout feature of this set is the 100ml Mia Eau De Toilette spray, recognized for its unique blend of floral and fruity fragrances. This delightful mix is perfect for the woman who seeks a subtle yet captivating scent.
The set completes with a luxury hair/bag tie, a versatile accessory that can jazz up your hairdo or add a chic appeal to your favourite bag.
The Ted Baker name is synonymous with timeless style and exceptional quality. This Mia set upholds that reputation, making it a thoughtful and well-appreciated gift for any occasion.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Does the Ted Baker Mia Set make for a suitable gift?
A1: Absolutely, the Mia Set from Ted Baker makes for an exceptional gift. With its alluring fragrance and a trendy accessory, it is sure to delight any recipient.

Q2: Would this be a good option for daily usage?
A2: Absolutely, the Mia Eau De Toilette spray strikes the perfect balance of being noticeable yet not overpowering, making it suitable for daily wear.

Q3: What is the lasting power of the Mia Eau De Toilette Spray?
A3: The experience may vary across individuals; however, customers generally report the fragrance lasts several hours.

Q4: Can the hair/bag tie be used on any bag?
A4: Yes, the hair/bag tie included in the set is designed to complement a wide range of styles and bag types, adding a dash of extra charm to your ensemble.

The Ted Baker Mia Set blends superior quality, charming aesthetic, and indisputable utility all in one package. Whether you are looking to treat yourself or surprise a loved one, this set ensures a special touch of elegance that will surely be cherished.