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Simply Blue Display Eau De Parfum Set, 100 ml


Simply Blue Display Eau De Parfum Set, 100 ml

Simply Blue Display Eau De Parfum Set, 100 ml

Discover the Charm of Simply Blue Display Eau De Parfum Set, 100 ml

Welcome to a refreshing burst of sophistication with the Simply Blue Display Eau De Parfum Set. Ideal for those who appreciate a fragrance that captures the essence of both classic and contemporary worlds, this set promises to elevate your perfume collection or make an unforgettable gift.

The Simply Blue collection is delicately formulated to provide a scent that is both mesmerizing and subtle, offering an exquisite balance of emotions with every spritz. Crafted for the modern man and woman, this fragrance ensemble is your passport to a realm of aromatic luxury.

Why Choose the Simply Blue Display Eau De Parfum Set?

Extensive Collection: Contains 11 units of 100ml Eau de Parfum, plus a 100ml tester, making it perfect for those who wish to explore varying intensities of the same sophisticated fragrance.
Long-lasting Fragrance: Designed with longevity in mind, the perfume clings to your skin, exuding an enticing aroma that captures attention throughout the day.
Versatile Use: Whether you’re enhancing your daily wear or adding a touch of class to special occasions, Simply Blue fits every setting flawlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What aromas are prominent in Simply Blue Eau de Parfum?
The fragrance opens with crisp notes of citrus, melds into a heart of sea breeze and fresh herbs, and settles into a base of woody undertones, creating a deeply refreshing and magnetic appeal.

Is the fragrance suitable for both day and night wear?
Absolutely! Simply Blue’s versatile profile makes it a superb choice for both light daily wear and more intense evening settings.

Can I travel with the individual bottles in the set?
Yes, each 100ml bottle meets liquid restrictions for carry-on luggage, allowing you to maintain your scent regime wherever you go.

What is the tester for in this set?
The tester is provided to allow you to explore the fragrance before opening the new bottles, or to use in environments where you wish to share the scent s experience with guests and visitors.

In conclusion, the Simply Blue Display Eau De Parfum Set not only captivates with its enchanting aroma but also offers exceptional value and versatility. Embrace the allure of Simply Blue and let it guide you through a breathtaking olfactory journey that promises to leave a lasting impression.