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Ghost Sweetheart 30ml Gift Set


Ghost Sweetheart 30ml Gift Set

Ghost Sweetheart 30ml Gift Set – Enchanting Candles with a Touch of Soft Sweetness

Introduce a delightful scent to your special moments with the Ghost Sweetheart 30ml Gift Set featuring enchanting candles with a soft sweetness. Perfect for creating a romantic atmosphere during the festive season and beyond, this gift set can also function as an ideal present for gifting to the people you care about.

Product Description

The Ghost Sweetheart Gift Set astounds with a carefully selected blend of dreamy, sensuous fragrances that entwine themselves around your senses, without overpowering them. Presented in a delicate, chic packaging, this set includes a 30ml Ghost Sweetheart perfume and accompanying fragrant candles that promise a romantic and captivating experience.

Key Features:

Intriguing Scent: The Ghost Sweetheart perfume carries a hypnotic blend of citrus, rose, and caramel, making it irresistible and distinctive. Romantic Atmosphere: The accompanying scented candles add a layer of warmth and intimacy, amplifying the pleasant ambience. Perfect for Gifting: With the festive season around the corner, this set makes a thoughtful gift, housed in an elegant box that echoes sophistication and care.


1. What kind of fragrance notes does the Ghost Sweetheart perfume have? The perfume majorly has notes of citrus, rose, and caramel, creating a balanced, memorable aroma. 2. Can the candles in the gift set be purchased separately? This specific gift set includes both perfume and candles together and are not sold separately on our website. 3. Is the Ghost Sweetheart gift set suitable for all occasions? Yes, this gift set is perfect for all occasions. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, or festive celebration, the Ghost Sweetheart gift set is loved by all for its romantic and warm effects. 4. Is the scent overpowering or irritating? No, the scent is carefully blended to be soothing and pleasant. However, if you are sensitive to certain fragrances, we recommend patch testing the perfume before use.

To sum it up, the Ghost Sweetheart 30ml Gift Set is more than just a fragrance set, it’s an experience. Its captivating aroma and cosy ambience are a sheer delight. Don’t just wear a scent, express your emotion type and capture the moment with this enthralling set!