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Ghost Deep Night 50 Gift Set, Purple


Ghost Deep Night 50 Gift Set, Purple

Ghost Deep Night 50 Gift Set, Purple

Calling all night owls and twilight chasers. Embrace the dramatic mystique of the evening hours with the Ghost Deep Night 50 Gift Set in evocative Purple shade. Designed to encapsulate the tranquillity and balance that the enveloping night brings, this set encompasses the enchanting Ghost Deep Night Eau de Toilette 50ml spray, a portable Eau de Toilette Miniature 5ml, along with a slick Ghost matt black nail polish of 10ml. But the darkness doesn’t end there; the set also reveals a chic Ghost cosmetic pouch, a comfortable headband, and a handy mirror encapsulated in the pouch for all your beauty requirements on the go.

Ensuring your love for night-time rituals doesn’t cost the Earth, this gift set has been mindfully crafted to be carbon conscious. We’ve trimmed down the packaging, opting for meaningful and reusable pieces that do justice to the quality materials we have incorporated.

Ghost Deep Night Eau de Toilette 50ml Spray: Let the fragrance transport you into the magical twilight hours. Its unique scent is a seductive blend that’s perfect as a signature scent.
The Eau de Toilette Miniature 5ml: A scaled-down version of the Eau de Toilette designed for when you re on-the-move and in need of a quick fragrance refresher.
Ghost Matt Black Nail Polish 10ml: This classy, edgy matt black nail polish aligns perfectly with the mysteriousness of the night. It’s durable, offering gorgeous colour and a fantastic finish.


Q: Are these products suitable for all skin types?
A: Absolutely! We aim to cater for perfume lovers of every skin type. The products in this gift set are carefully curated to ensure universal appeal.

Q: What are the notes in the Ghost Deep Night Eau de Toilette?
A: The Ghost Deep Night Eau de Toilette is a blend of captivating oriental and fruity notes, designed to embody the mysterious allure of the night.

Q: How durable is the Ghost Matt Black Nail Polish?
A: Our Ghost Matt Black Nail Polish is designed to be long-lasting with a high-quality finish, ensuring your fingertips look stylish for longer.

Q: Are all of these products in one set?
A: Yes, this Ghost Deep Night 50 gift set encapsulates all of these high-quality items, making it a complete package for those who love the tranquillity of the night.

Gift yourself or the night-loving diva in your life, this meticulously crafted Ghost Deep Night 50 Gift Set. A treasure trove that not just evokes the serene magic of the night, but does so while being gentle on our planet.