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Coleen Butterflies Eau de Toilette Gift Set 50 ml


Coleen Butterflies Eau de Toilette Gift Set 50 ml

Coleen Butterflies Eau de Toilette Gift Set 50ml

Bring a charming essence to your everyday with the Coleen Butterflies Eau de Toilette Gift Set, an invigorating selection for women who seek a fragrance that exudes an oriental floral allure. This delightful duo, comprising a 50 ml Eau de Toilette and a 100 ml body lotion, immerses you in a finely blended cocktail of rose, nutmeg, and tonka bean.

Key features to consider for your purchase:

Luxurious Duo: With a 50ml Eau de Toilette bottled in classic elegance and a complementary 100ml body lotion, enjoy the smooth blend of this set to accentuate your charisma.
Exotic Scent Profile: The oriental floral scent is delicately balanced with top notes of aromatic rose, heart notes of rich nutmeg, and base notes of tonka bean, creating a unique and captivating aroma.
Perfect Gift option: Housed in an aesthetically pleasing packaging, it makes for an impeccable gift, adding a touch of sophistication to any woman’s fragrance collection.


Q: What’s the longevity of the perfume?
A: While the longevity of the fragrance performance varies with personal body chemistry, you can typically count on 4-6 hours of delightful aromatic pleasure.

Q: Is the body lotion scented?
A: Yes, the body lotion features the same oriental floral notes as the perfume, adding a touch of moisture and luxury to your skincare routine.

Q: Is this perfume too overpowering?
A: The scent profile strikes a beautiful balance by being distinctive without being too overpowering. It leaves a trail that is enticing, but not intrusive.

Q: What occasions does this fragrance best suit?
A: The Coleen Butterflies Eau de Toilette can enhance any occasion, from a business meeting to brunch, and its enchanting aura makes it versatile for both day and evening wear.

Dive into the world of delightful olfactory surprises with the Coleen Butterflies Eau de Toilette gift set. A versatile addition to your everyday essentials or the most heartfelt gift for a loved one, this set ensures a memorable, and daringly distinct scent experience.