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Charlie Pink 30ml EDT Gift Set


Charlie Pink 30ml EDT Gift Set

Charlie Pink 30ml EDT Gift Set: Uplifting and Stylish Fragrance
Presenting the Charlie Pink 30ml EDT Gift Set, a tantalizing duo that includes a 30ml Charlie Pink Eau de Toilette and a 75ml Charlie Pink Body Spray. This perfectly paired gift set offers the irresistibly refreshing scent of red berries and tangerine, softened with a hint of delicate florals and a warm base of vanilla. This sprightly, feminine fragrance is certain to charm and is perfect for everyday wear.

Key Features to Consider:

Scent Composition: This masterfully blended fragrance is composed of vibrant red berries and revitalising tangerine, wrapped around subtle floral accents and a hint of comforting vanilla. It provides a soul-rejuvenating aroma that’s captivating, yet comforting.
Two-piece Set: The package includes a 30ml EDT that’s perfect for a long-lasting scent throughout the day, whereas the 75ml body spray is great for refreshing on-the-go.
Everyday Fragrance: Charlie Pink EDT has a versatile scent profile, making it an ideal choice for everyday wear. Its light, airy notes are just as suitable for a casual day at the office as they are for an informal brunch.


Q1: What is the primary fragrance note in this product?
A1: The primary fragrance notes in Charlie Pink are red berries and tangerine, giving it a fruity and vibrant scent.
Q2: Is this gift set suitable for all age groups?
A2: Absolutely! The Charlie Pink EDT and Body Spray are crafted with a universal appeal making it suitable for women of all ages who enjoy a refreshing and fruity fragrance.
Q3: Can the products in this gift set be used individually or should they be used together?
A3: Great question! Both the EDT and body spray can be used individually or layered together for a longer-lasting scent.
Q4: Can this scent be worn year-round?
A4: Yes, the notes of citrus and berries paired with floral and vanilla make Charlie Pink a versatile fragrance that can be enjoyed any time of the year.

Charlie Pink 30ml EDT Gift Set is not just a fragrance; it’s a lifestyle choice. Offering a delightful blend of uplifting notes, this gift set is the perfect pick for you or as a thoughtful gift for that special someone. Embrace the charm of Charlie Pink and help express your personal style!