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Ghost Deep Night Eau De Toilette 50ml


Ghost Deep Night Eau De Toilette 50ml

Product Title: Ghost Deep Night Eau De Toilette 50ml
Indulge in the mystique of Ghost Deep Night, a captivating Eau de Toilette spray that conjures the enchanting spirit of the night. This perfume is no ordinary scent; it’s an evocative olfactory experience that takes you on a journey through sensual floral and oriental notes.
Key Features:

Mesmerising Scent: This fragrance is a finely crafted blend with a top note of Indian rose and belle de nuit, offering a delicate floral introduction with an oriental twist.
White Woods Heart: The heart note comprises of white woods, apricot, and peach. This composition provides an enthralling mix of fragrant woods which complements the ripe, juicy sweetness of apricot and peach for a heady scent profile.
Warm Base: Rounding off this fragrant narrative is a base note of vanilla, amber, and musk that has an irresistible allure. The rich vanilla and amber notes fuse with musk to perfectly conclude this scent journey with a warm, comforting finish.

This 50ml bottle of Ghost Deep Night Eau De Toilette is a true ode to the enchantment of twilight, wrapped up in a practical size, making it an ideal fragrance choice for both daily wear and special occasions.
Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What are the main notes of the Ghost Deep Night Eau De Toilette?
    The perfume opens with the frontal notes of Indian rose and belle de nuit flower. The heart combines white woods with ripe peach and apricot, and it concludes with the base notes of warming vanilla, amber, and musk.
  2. Is this perfume suitable for daytime wear?
    Absolutely! Despite its name suggesting an affinity with the night, the versatile notes make it a perfect scent for both day and evening wear.
  3. Is the Ghost Deep Night a strong perfume?
    This eau de toilette offers a medium lasting fragrance that is gently noticeable without being overpowering. As always, you can adjust the concentration to your personal preference.
  4. How much perfume is in the bottle?
    Each bottle contains 50ml of Ghost Deep Night Eau de Toilette.

A bottle of Ghost Deep Night is more than just a perfume; it’s an invitation to escape the mundane and dive into an aura filled with mystery. Its well-rounded oriental floral scent imbues each spritz with an undeniable sophistication, making it a must-have addition to your fragrance collection.