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FAIRY LOVE edt vapo limited edition 50 ml


FAIRY LOVE edt vapo limited edition 50 ml

FAIRY LOVE Eau de Toilette Vapo Limited Edition – A Magical Symphony of Sensations (50ml)

Nestled within the enchanting sphere of feminine fragrance, we present the FAIRY LOVE Eau de Toilette Vapo Limited Edition . It takes you on a sweet journey to the outskirts of fantasy and reality, intoxicating your senses with the beguiling charm of Nashi, Raspberry, and Orange top notes. This delightful scent is caressed by the tender whispers of Jasmine during the middle notes, finally settling gently with the cosy warmth of a Hazelnut base note. Encased in a 50ml bottle, this limited edition fragrance is a glorious expression of love with a modern fairy-tale twist.

Key Features:

Uniquely blended top notes of Nashi, Raspberry, and Orange invigorate your senses with a fruity punch.
Rich Jasmine middle notes add a layer of sophistication and depth to the fragrance.
The lasting base note of Hazelnut infuses the air with a delightfully cosy and nutty aroma that subtly lingers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the fragrance strong or light?
This Eau de Toilette offers a well-balanced fragrance, starting with a strong fruity punch that gracefully balances out to a soft, sophisticated Jasmine note before settling down into a pleasant and warm Hazelnut note.

Can I use it every day or is it meant for special occasions?
FAIRY LOVE is impressively versatile. With its charmingly layered notes, it’s perfect for adding a sparkle to your everyday routine while being refined enough for those special moments.

Is this product suitable for sensitive skin?
While every skin type is unique, we ve crafted this perfume with extreme love and care, aiming to deliver a gentle, non-irritating experience for all skin types.

Is the 50ml size travel-friendly?
Absolutely! Its compact 50ml size fits snugly into purses or bags, making it your perfect travel companion.

The ‘FAIRY LOVE Eau de Toilette Vapo Limited Edition’ takes you on an enchanting journey of playful sensuality, awakening your spirit with every spritz. It’s not just a fragrance it’s your storybook of desires and dreams, wrapped up in a beautiful perfume experience.