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Escada Sorbetto Rosso Eau De Toilette 100ml


Escada Sorbetto Rosso Eau De Toilette 100ml

Escada Sorbetto Rosso Eau De Toilette – 100ml

Get ready to whip up a gust of the breezy Mediterranean in your everyday life with Escada Sorbetto Rosso Eau De Toilette. A tantalising elixir that weaves an intriguing speechless whisper around you, this unique fragrance delivers a sensational olfactory experience. Fragrances say a lot about your personality, don’t they? Why not say it with Escada?

This 100ml bottle encapsulates the spirit of true Italian scenery the coolness of the sea, the warmth of the setting sun and the luscious sweetness of watermelon citrus. Feel the freedom of a seaside holiday through a fragrance that s saturated with happiness and southern temptation.

Long-Lasting Fragrance: Its rich, long-lasting fragrance stays with you throughout your active day, leaving a trace of subtleness.
Unique Blend of Notes: With a unique blend of top notes (watermelon and citrus); middle notes (prickly pear and hibiscus); and base notes (musk and woods); this Eau De Toilette makes a clear, strong statement to remember.
Perfect for Casual and Evening Wear: Owing to its earthy musk and woodsy undertones, it’s perfect for both daytime casual wear and evening outings.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How long does the fragrance last?
    The fragrance is long-lasting and can stay vibrant for hours, depending on one’s activity level and body chemistry. However, the longevity of a fragrance can be subjective.

  2. Can I wear this perfume to work?
    Yes, this perfume is perfect for any setting, whether it’s a business meeting, a casual day at the office, or even a date night out. The elegant and subtle musk makes it a versatile fragrance for all occasions.

  3. What is the quantity of the product?
    The Escada Sorbetto Rosso Eau De Toilette comes in a 100ml bottle, which is a generous amount and offers fabulous value for money.

  4. Does Escada Sorbetto Rosso Eau de Toilette suit all skin types?
    Yes, it does. However, different skin types may accentuate fragrance notes differently, so it’s always advisable to do a patch test first.

This opulent perfume by Escada overflows with freshness and sensuality. It’s sure to capture your senses, transporting you to the heart of the Amalfi Coast with every spritz. Experience the Sorbetto Rosso, a felicitous alliance of magnificent elements captured in a bottle.