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Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Eau De Toilette, 100 ml


Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Eau De Toilette, 100 ml

Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Eau De Toilette, 100 ml

Thrill your senses with the luxurious and timeless Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Eau De Toilette, beautifully contained in a 100ml bottle. This exquisite fragrance strides with unparalleled elegance and distinction, bursting forth with top notes of Amazon Lily, Italian neroli, and crisp aldehyde. Designed for the distinguished woman, it wonderfully embraces your skin with a tangible charismatic allure and distinct personality.

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes: An exuberant mix of Amazon Lily mingled with Italian neroli, and the tingling sensation of crisp aldehyde offers a divine entrance and compels immediate attention.
Middle Notes: Enthralling heart notes that feature Egyptian tuberose, living narcisse, Turkish rose, living jasmine, and Italian orris delicately balance subtleness and exuberance, deepening your sensory experience.
Base Notes: Warm mossy undertones rise from a rich base of amber, oakmoss, patchouli, and living sandalwood that heralds the pleasing end of this transcendental fragrance journey.

This rich, warm, and sensual fragrance exudes depth and intensity without overpowering, creatively capturing Elizabeth Taylor’s undeniable allure and charismatic appeal.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds fragrance overpowering?
No, despite the rich blend of notes, the fragrance maintains a pleasing balance that isn’t overpowering but still remains noticeable.

Can I wear this fragrance in different seasons?
Absolutely! It’s a versatile fragrance that radiates brightness in the summer and offers warm, comforting tones during the colder months.

What s the longevity of this Eau de Toilette?
The fragrance, like a lingering whisper, lasts from day into night, showing great sillage without being intrusive.

Who is this fragrance for?
Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds is perfectly suited for women who enjoy a warm, sensual, and timeless fragrance both for everyday wear and special occasions.

With every spray of Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Eau De Toilette, you’re more than just wearing a fragrance – you’re creating an aura of sophistication and timeless elegance. Drench yourself in confidence, and let your scent tell a story of its own. Experience the classic yet perpetually modern allure of Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds.