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Elizabeth Arden White Tea Gingerlily EDT, 100 ml


Elizabeth Arden White Tea Gingerlily EDT, 100 ml

Elizabeth Arden White Tea Gingerlily EDT, 100ml: A Symphony of Exotic and Floral Scents

Welcome to a fragrance experience that encapsulates opulent femininity and organic charm. With the Elizabeth Arden White Tea Gingerlily Eau de Toilette, 100ml, immerse yourself in an aromatic journey that starts with the refreshing energy of herbs and concludes with a sensual woody touch, all the while wrapped in the exotic embrace of ginger lily. A light, friendly, and fun perfume, our version confidently navigates day and evening wear effortlessly.

The accents in this perfume introduces itself with a zing of effervescent bitter orange peel playing effortlessly with the soft sensual notes such as lily, delicately highlighting their character rather than overpowering them. Evolving into an intricate heart of fragrant ginger, white ginger lily, and a dash of delicate violet, this perfume’s middle notes are a discourse on desire and passion, with the warming ginger subtly spicing up the cool floral tones.

As the perfume develops, it concludes its aromatic journey with a potpourri of musk, mate, cedar, and tonka bean. These base notes add the final layer of earthiness and sensual depth, creating a long-lasting fragrance that will keep the wearer invigorated and inspired throughout the day.

Aromatic Journey: This perfume takes the wearer through an aromatic journey from energizing top notes to delicate middle notes and finally to grounding base notes Notes Harmony: The balanced blend of diverse notes makes this perfume unique and versatile, navigating day and evening wear effortlessly. Long-lasting: With its robust composition, Elizabeth Arden’s White Tea Gingerlily Eau De Toilette promises to make its enchanting presence felt throughout the day.


Q: How should this perfume be applied? A: Simply spray the perfume on the warm points of your body. You may choose to step through the sprayed mist for a lighter but evenly distributed application. Q: Can this perfume be worn daily? A: Absolutely! The Elizabeth Arden White Tea Gingerlily is light enough for daily wear but carries enough depth to suit evening gatherings. Q: Is the perfume suitable for all seasons? A: Yes, the unique blend of notes makes it a fragrance that can comfortably transition across seasons. You d enjoy its refreshing citrus zest in summer, ginger warmth in autumn, woody depth in winter, and floral lightness in spring. Q: Does the perfume contain any synthetic ingredients? A: No, this Eau De Toilette boasts a natural composition, offering you a guilt-free fragrance experience.

In conclusion, the Elizabeth Arden White Tea Gingerlily Eau De Toilette, 100ml, is for the woman who embraces her femininity and is not afraid to express her desires, who embodies strength yet enjoys a lightness of being. This perfume is an ode to the contemporary woman, celebrating her uniqueness and dynamism.