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DAVIDOFF Cool Water Reborn for her Eau De Toilette 50ml


DAVIDOFF Cool Water Reborn for her Eau De Toilette 50ml

DAVIDOFF Cool Water Reborn Eau De Toilette for Her and Him, A Refreshing New Take on Classic Freshness

Discover the transformative power of scent with Davidoff’s latest creation, Cool Water Reborn. A masterful reimagining of the classic Cool Water fragrance, this latest iteration is a tribute to both masculinity and femininity. It’s a floral yet gourmand scent for her, balanced by a fresh and invigorating blend for him. Together they create a harmonic symphony, a refreshing pleasure that celebrates your unique individuality.

A reinvention of a classic: This isn’t just Cool Water it’s Cool Water reborn. Rediscover the familiar freshness but with an individual twist that sets it apart from the original.
Ethically sourced ingredients: In line with a growing movement towards conscious consumption, DAVIDOFF has ensured that all ingredients in this fragrance are ethically sourced.
Eau de Toilette: Perfect for daily use, this EDT adds a subtle hint of freshness to your natural aura without overpowering it.


How does the DAVIDOFF Cool Water Reborn compare to the original?
The new Cool Water Reborn is inspired by the original scent but adds a contemporary twist. While the original Cool Water might remind you of the ocean, the Reborn edition introduces notes of juicy mangosteen for her and a distinctive fresh blend for him, reinventing the freshness.

What is the main ingredient in this fragrance?
This fragrance introduces the vivacity of juicy mangosteen and the exotic allure of paradise flower for her, set apart by an aromatic blend for him, all of which are ethically sourced.

Is the fragrance strong or subtle?
Being an Eau de Toilette, DAVIDOFF Cool Water Reborn is designed to be lighter and more subtle, perfect for everyday wear. It offers a fresh experience that isn t overpowering.

Is it suitable for day or evening wear?
Given its refreshing nature, this fragrance is versatile for both day and evening wear, allowing you to carry an aura of freshness wherever you go.

Rediscover freshness with Davidoff s Cool Water Reborn for Him and Her a testament to ingenuity, a reflection of you, and a celebration of individuality.