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Coach Eau de Toilette, 90 ml


Coach Eau de Toilette, 90 ml

Coach Eau de Toilette, 90ml
If you’ve been searching for a scent that truly captures the essence of the invigorating dynamism and classic style of New York City, look no further than the Coach Eau de Toilette 90ml. This tantalising fragrance enjoys a unique composition that ensures you get a whiff of the Big Apple’s timeless elegance and spirited energy, each time you spritz yourself with it.

Dynamically Fresh and Elegantly Timeless
The magic of this perfume lies in its contrasting scent profile. It starts off with the vibrantly fresh note of pear, a fruity burst that grabs attention and freshens up your spirit. Soother than you think, the fragrance transits into the lush, poignant scent of white Alba roses, adding a layer of timeless sophistication.

Essentials to Consider

Contrasting Fragrance: This perfume provides a full experience with its unique blend of fresh pear and elegant white Alba roses.
Usage Method: For optimal results, you should hold the fragrance 5 inches away and spray on pulse points such as the neck and wrists.
Model Number: The Coach Eau de Toilette bears the model number CC002A01, marking it as an authentic Coach fragrance product.

Q: What is the dominant scent in the Coach Eau de Toilette?
A: While it opens with the lively scent of fresh pear, the white Alba roses middle note tend to be dominant, providing an air of timeless elegance to the product.

Q: Where should I apply this perfume for better results?
A: To get a long-lasting effect, apply this on pulse points like the neck and wrists. The warmth of these areas will help diffuse the fragrance all day.

Q: How far should I hold the bottle while spraying?
A: The product should ideally be held approximately 5 inches away from your body when being sprayed onto the skin.

Q: How can I be sure this product is an authentic Coach product?
A: The product’s model number is proof of authenticity. This perfume carries the model number CC002A01.

In presenting you the Coach Eau de Toilette, we offer not just a perfume, but a sensory journey to the heart of New York City’s stunning contrasts. Whether you wear it for a night out or a busy day at work, this fragrance is designed to intrigue and impress, just like you.