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Golden Oud Spray 100ml – A Regal Fragrant Dance of Eastern Woods and Aromatic Spices

Discover the enchantment of the Golden Oud Spray, a resplendent perfume rich with the allure of the East. Nestled in a beautiful 100ml bottle, this ethereal composition is blessed with the intoxicating aroma of precious oud layered with aromatic herbs and a sublime array of scents to form a complex yet harmonious olfactory experience.

Key points to consider:

Exotic Composition: This divine perfume begins its aromatic tale with a zesty, spicy play of thyme, sage, black pepper and clove, teasing and enthralling the senses. These are followed by the enchanting heart notes consisting of tender rose, balsamic richness, exotic patchouli and Dehnal oud that further enhance the perfume’s mesmerising allure.

Persistent Base: As the journey unwinds, the persistent base notes of oud, amber, sandalwood, vanilla and musk take over, setting forth the deeply seductive, woody essence. It’s a rich and warm finish ensuring a long-lasting scent that’s never forgotten.

All-Occasion Fragrance: The Golden Oud spray is such a versatile aromatica that it beautifully complements every occasion. Whether it’s a romantic evening date, a casual day at work or an important business meeting, this perfume will make you stand out with an olfactory halo of composed elegance.

Treat yourself or your loved ones to this sophisticated and culturally rich aromatic composition. An excellent gift choice for those who admire lavish oriental fragrances.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is the Golden Oud Spray unisex?
A: Absolutely, the Golden Oud Spray caters to both men and women with its rich, warm and complex fragrant ensemble.

Q: How long does the fragrance last?
A: This luxurious perfume boasts a long-lasting scent thanks to its strong base notes. Its lasting power varies depending on factors like skin type and humidity.

Q: Is this product animal cruelty free?
A: Yes, our Golden Oud Spray is ethically produced and we are committed to not testing our products on animals.

Q: How is the sillage?
A: It has a moderate sillage which is impressive without being overwhelming so it gracefully whispers your presence and doesn t overpower a room.

Craft your unforgettable scent story today with the Golden Oud Spray 100ml – the prismatic ballet of luxurious oud, aromatic spices, and soothing woods. This intriguing blend of harmony, charm and sophistication is an elite choice for fragrance enthusiasts seeking for a timeless and elegant aroma. A crowning glory in your personal fragrance collection!