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Girl Of Now Lovely by Elie Saab for Women – 1.7 oz EDP Spray


Girl Of Now Lovely by Elie Saab for Women - 1.7 oz EDP Spray

Girl Of Now Lovely by Elie Saab – Women’s 1.7 oz EDP Spray

Whether you are a woman who values sophistication and timeless elegance or are seeking a gift for one, the Girl of Now Lovely by Elie Saab, a 1.7 oz EDP Spray, is an ideal choice. Launched from the archives of the respected design house of Elie Saab, this captivating Floral Fruity fragrance tantalises by striking a perfect balance between subtlety and opulence.

Notable for its complex blend, the perfume opens with a refreshing, zesty mix of Mint, Pear, and Mandarin Orange to awaken your senses, punctuated by the aromatic hints of Rosemary, Galbanum, and Black Currant Blossom. The heart notes unfurl into a romantic ballet of Almond, Orange Blossom, Frangipani, Anise, and Rose, presenting a bouquet of floral elegance hinged on warmth and mellowness. To finish, the fragrance leaves a lingering impression with a rich base of Tonka Bean, Amber, and Ambroxan, evoking beauty, grace, and a subtle allure that is authentically Elie Saab.

Consider These Key Features Before Purchase:

Ideal for women who appreciate a blend of floral and fruity fragrances with a twist of soothing freshness. A product from the prestigious design house of Elie Saab, renowned for its expertise in creating sophisticated women’s scents. This Eau de Parfum Spray offers a long-lasting scent, perfect for any occasion whether it’s a day at the office or a sophisticated social event.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the main scent profile of this fragrance?
    This fragrance has a Floral Fruity profile with layers of Mint, Pear, Mandarin Orange, Almond, and Tonka Bean, among others.

  2. Is Girl Of Now Lovely by Elie Saab suitable for daily use?
    Absolutely! Its sophisticated yet captivating scent makes it a perfect fit for everyday wear, from day to evening activities.

  3. How long does the scent last?
    As an Eau de Parfum, the scent is designed to last several hours. Longevity can vary depending on individual skin chemistry.

  4. Is it a good gift option?
    Yes, absolutely! This perfume comes exquisitely packaged, making it an elegant gift for special occasions or simply to surprise a loved one.

Ultimately, Girl Of Now Lovely by Elie Saab is more than just another perfume in a catalog – it’s a reflection of a woman’s elegance, warmth, and passion. Make it the newest addition to your fragrance collection or gift it to someone to spread the spirit of loveliness adorned with Elie Saab’s timeless charm.