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Furla Unica Eau de Parfum 30ml


Furla Unica Eau de Parfum 30ml

Furla Unica Eau de Parfum, 30ml
Embark on an olfactory journey with the captivating scent of Furla Unica Eau de Parfum. This resplendent perfume embodies a surprising yet delightful blend of Pistachio and Salt Grains, delicately enrobed by an elegant Jasmine floral heart. The lingering traces of Vanilla, Amber and White Woods at the base echo the allure of a serene forest bathed in radiant dawn light.

The product is housed in a 30ml aesthetically pleasing bottle and promises to be a remarkable addition to your fragrance wardrobe. With its enchanting aroma and stylish packaging, this perfume makes an irresistible proposition.

Why Furla Unica Eau de Parfum?

An Enigmatic Aroma: A unique combination of Pistachio and Salt Grains creates a surprising, intriguing scent that sets you apart from the crowd.
Sophisticated Floral Heart: The floral heart of Jasmine adds a layer of elegance and womanly charm to the perfume, making it ideal for a range of occasions, from a daytime meeting to a romantic dinner date.
Luxurious Base Notes: The rich base notes of Vanilla, Amber and White Woods provide a lasting impression, making this perfume a timeless staple in your fragrance collection.


Q: How does the scent of Furla Unica Eau de Parfum evolve over time?
A: The fragrance opens with a refreshing accord of Pistachio and Salt Grains. As it settles, you will notice the sophisticated heart of Jasmine, eventually giving way to the luxurious, lingering notes of Vanilla, Amber, and White Woods.

Q: What is the longevity and sillage of Furla Unica Eau de Parfum?
A: This Eau de Parfum is designed for optimal longitude and moderate sillage, ensuring the scent stays with you throughout your day while not overwhelming your surroundings.

Q: When is the best time to wear Furla Unica Eau de Parfum?
A: The versatile notes of Furla Unica make it an excellent choice for both day and night. Its distinct aroma suits various settings, from casual outings to significant events.

Q: Is Furla Unica Eau de Parfum suitable for all skin types?
A: Yes, this perfume is skin-friendly and suitable for all skin types. However, we always recommend patch testing any new perfume before full application.

Experience the lustrous scent of Furla Unica Eau de Parfum and let it whisk you away on a journey of sophistication and delight. It’s not just a perfume; it’s an accessory that complements your style and enhances your personality. Don’t just wear a scent; emanate an aura with Furla Unica.