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FURLA Irresistibile Eau de Parfum 10ml


FURLA Irresistibile Eau de Parfum 10ml

FURLA Irresistibile Eau de Parfum, 10ml
Make your everyday moments unforgettable with the FURLA Irresistibile Eau de Parfum, an enchanting blend originated from the prestigious design house of Furla in 2020. This lush, woody, floral elixir is an enticing harmony of exquisite ingredients, made to provide a long-lasting fragrance that keeps your day in a pleasant groove.

Product Features:

A potent concoction of elegant orange blossom and vivid freesia for a sparkling opening that is instantly captivating.
The floral heart is saturated with opulent aromas of lily, delicate violet, sultry tuberose, and exotic white camelia, giving your senses a delightful treat.
The soothing base of this magnificent perfume entwines the earthy tones of ambroxan, white wood, and cypress for a comforting and enduring finish.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is FURLA Irresistibile Eau de Parfum suitable for everyday use?
Yes, Furla’s Irresistibile Eau de Parfum is delicate yet captivating, making it an excellent option for daily wear. Its long-lasting fragrance ensures you stay fresh throughout the day.

What are the chief scent profiles of this perfume?
The scent primarily unfolds as a woody-floral fragrance. It opens with a bright, citrusy touch of orange blossom, journeying to a heart of romantic florals, and settling to an earthy, woody finish.

How long will FURLA Irresistibile Eau de Parfum 10ml last?
The lifespan of any fragrance significantly depends on its usage. However, if used moderately once daily, a 10ml bottle of this Eau de Parfum should last roughly a month.

Is this perfume unisex?
Primarily designed for women, this fragrance, with its blend of floral and woody notes, evokes an infinite charm while its aroma could also appeal to men who prefer woody and floral scents.

Express your personality with the FURLA Irresistibile Eau de Parfum, a blend that paints a picture of grace, passion, and allure. Exude elegance wherever you go with this sophisticated fragrance that bridges classic and modern perfumery.