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FURLA Furla Autentica Eau de Parfum 50ml


FURLA Furla Autentica Eau de Parfum 50ml

Furla Autentica Eau de Parfum 50ml
Spritz your way into elegance with FURLA’s Authentic Eau de Parfum. With an enchanting 50ml blend, this magnificent fragrance is designed especially for women who desire to express their personality with a distinct and luxurious scent. Let’s dive into the captivating allure of this perfume:

What makes this fragrance special?
Enchanting blend: Commence your scent journey with vibrant, juicy top notes of raspberry and pear. This fruity introduction smoothly transitions into the heart notes of invigorating cherry blossom and romantic peony, symbolic of love and femininity. Lastly, the comforting base notes of cosy cashmere wood and exotic patchouli tie the entire fragrance together, creating a long-lasting scent that lingers.
High-quality packaging: Not only does this fragrance delight the senses, but its captivating high-quality bottle also makes for a stylish addition to any dressing area. Making it perfect for your daily spritz or special evenings out.
Premier brand: FURLA, renowned as a high street fashion icon, transcends its promise of elegance and sophistication into this unique perfume. With FURLA Autentica Eau de Parfum, you don’t just wear a perfume; you wear a statement of style and luxury.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the size of this perfume?
This FURLA Autentica Eau de Parfum comes in a 50ml bottle, making it a perfect size for both at-home use and travel.

Does this perfume have a heavy scent?
With top notes of raspberry and pear, heart notes of cherry blossom and peony, and base notes of cashmere wood and patchouli, the fragrance is luxuriously exquisite but not overwhelming.

Can this perfume be worn for any occasion?
Absolutely! The uniquely blended scent is perfect for daily wear yet sophisticated enough for special occasions. It s an all-rounder fragrance that suits every mood and event.

What type of scent does this perfume possess?
The perfume opens with a rich, fruity scent then transitions into floral tones. Finally, it settles into warm woody notes, resulting in a versatile contemporary fragrance.

In conclusion, the FURLA Autentica Eau de Parfum is more than just a perfume it’s an emotive experience. With a unique blend of delightful scents inviting a wave of positive energy and sophistication, this perfume truly is a statement in a bottle.