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Flavia The One Eau De Parfum, 100ml


Flavia The One Eau De Parfum, 100ml

Flavia The One Eau De Parfum, 100ml: Sterling’s Fresh Addition to the Sensational Mainline Series
Introducing the latest treat for all the fragrance aficionados, Flavia The One Eau De Parfum, brought to you in a generous 100ml bottle. This new sensory delight from the established perfume house, Sterling, brings a fresh perspective to their popular mainline series. A scent that is as mesmerising as it is modern, Flavia The One is ready to become your new signature scent.

Lavish Design: The perfume is encapsulated in a high-grade bottle reflecting Sterling’s commitment to elegance and style. Its unique package makes it a fitting addition to your fragrance collection or even as a gift option.
Fresh Scent: Flavia The One is a scent that captivates and invigorates. It s a breath of fresh air in the mainline series, introducing an aromatic balance that appeals to a wide range of odoriferous preferences.
Sterling Longevity: Known for their long-lasting fragrances, Sterling promises substantial scent longevity with Flavia The One. A few sprays should see you through your day, ensuring you leave an impression wherever you go.


Q: Is Flavia The One Eau De Parfum a day-wear or night-wear perfume?
A: Flavia The One is versatile enough to be worn either day or night, suiting all occasions with its intoxicating fragrance.

Q: Does this perfume have a lingering aroma?
A: Absolutely! Flavia The One boasts a lasting scent that carefully permeates the atmosphere, engraving a soothing memory of your presence.

Q: Can this perfume be worn by someone sensitive to strong fragrances?
A: Yes, the balanced composition of Flavia The One is likely to be enjoyed by people who prefer milder, yet captivating aromas.

Q: What does the 100ml size mean relating to usage?
A: The 100ml format offers a generous volume for regular perfume users ensuring they have enough of their desired fragrance to last.

In conclusion, Flavia The One Eau De Parfum is not just a perfume but an experience. Infused with the quality that Sterling is known for, this enchanting fragrance captures the essence of enduring elegance and freshness rolled into one bottle. So, why wait? Start your day with a spritz or re-invigorate your evenings with Flavia The One Eau De Parfum, the fragrance that was crafted with you in mind!