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Elie Saab Le Parfum Essentiel Eau De Parfum, Negro, 30 ml


Elie Saab Le Parfum Essentiel Eau De Parfum, Negro, 30 ml

Elie Saab Le Parfum Essentiel Eau De Parfum, Negro, 30 ml
Unleash your inner charm with a spritz of the enchanting Le Parfum Essentiel by Elie Saab. Crafted for the modern femme, this fragrance invites you on a journey to bliss, wrapped in the warming embrace of cool, invigorating scents. With a stunningly elegant bottle that radiates the seal of the iconic Elie Saab Fashion House, Le Parfum Essentiel is truly a spectacular gift for stylish, confident women.

A Blend of Shimmering and Dazzling Notes:

Top Notes: The elegantly light and effervescent mandarin notes take the lead, offering a vibrant citrus dedication that’ll tease and tantalise your senses.
Heart Notes: Central to this masterpiece is the delicate profile of the Gardenia Flower. Soft, and aromatic, it gifts the fragrance with a subtle, delightful sweetness.
Base Notes: In the end, you will notice the underlying strength of deep Cedar undertones, providing a clean, rich warmth that lasts and invigorates.

FAQs about Le Parfum Essentiel by Elie Saab

What sets this Elie Saab perfume apart from others?
Le Parfum Essentiel combines the freshness of mandarin with the delicacy of Gardenia and strength of Cedar. The unique blend creates an alluring fragrance that manifests charm, elegance and feminine strength.

Who would this fragrance best suit?
Perfect for a woman who relishes whimsy and confidence in equal measure. Its harmonious blend makes it an excellent choice for daywear, but it carries enough gravitas to suit evening occasions as well.

Is this fragrance long-lasting?
Yes, the Cedar base notes ensure the fragrance permeates throughout the day, maintaining its captivating appeal.

Is it a suitable gift for special occasions?
Absolutely, the fragrance, combined with the luxurious, stylishly adorned bottle, makes it a stunning gift for any special occasion.

In the alluring world of fragrances, Le Parfum Essentiel stands out as a bold, yet tender embodiment of a women’s desire. Its symphony of scents and beautifully designed bottle charismatically reflects the Elie Saab aura. Whether as a special treat for yourself or a thoughtful gift for the lovely women in your life, this perfume is a true indulgence.