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Elie Saab Beauty Girl Of Now Eau De Parfum 90ml


Elie Saab Beauty Girl Of Now Eau De Parfum 90ml

Elie Saab Beauty Girl Of Now Eau De Parfum 90ml
Delight your senses with the elegant and inviting aroma of Girl Of Now, an indulgence in fragrance by Elie Saab. Designed masterfully, the scent is both versatile and long-lasting, making it perfect for use during the day or for special occasions. The whole experience of this perfume begins with a delightful top note of roasted pistachio and radiant pear, hinting at the exotic yet tantalising scent to follow.

At the heart, the unique blend of the Bitter Almond and Orange Blossom comes to life; forming an exclusive note, the Ormond Flower. Witness the embodiment of the spirit of the ‘Girl of Now’ captured in an array of enchanting aromas elegantly housed in a jewel-like round bottle. Completing the aesthetic appeal of this perfume, the bottle is adorned with an intricately designed, glossy blue and gold flower, a loving tribute to Elie Saab’s accessory line.

To leave a final luxurious and unforgettable trail, a blend of delicious Tonka Bean and Almond Milk is teased into the base notes. The lingering aroma of Patchouli amplifies the Elie Saab signature, reminding you and those around you of the ethereal journey this fragrance offers.

Key Considerations:

The scent opens with the exoticism of Roasted Pistachio and sparkling Pear which captivates your sense of smell from the first spritz. The heart note is a unique and innovative blend of Bitter Almond and Orange Blossom coming together as the exclusive Ormond Flower. The perfume has a long-lasting presence, thanks to the addition of delicious Tonka Bean, Almond Milk, and patchouli in its base notes. This blend ensures a subtly lingering aroma.


  1. Can this perfume be used daily?
    Yes, Elie Saab Beauty Girl Of Now Eau De Parfum is crafted so it can be a part of your daily wear or used for special occasions. It’s the go-to scent that’s adaptable to your needs.
  2. Can I give this perfume as a gift?
    Definitely! With exquisite packaging and a scent that appeals to a broad range of fragrance-lovers, it’s an excellent choice for a thoughtful, luxurious gift.
  3. Does the perfume have a strong aroma?
    No. Although the perfume is long-lasting, it gently and subtly lingers, making it pleasant and not overpowering.
  4. Does the fragrance contain natural ingredients?
    The fragrance incorporates a blend of natural and synthetic elements for an elevated and well-rounded scent profile.

Experience sophistication in every drop with Elie Saab Beauty Girl Of Now Eau De Parfum. With this fragrance, you don t just wear a scent, but embody the spirit of the ‘Girls of Now’ – confident, joyful, and with a sense of impeccable style stamped with the signature Elie Saab sophistication.