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DKNY Women Eau de Parfum 30ml


DKNY Women Eau de Parfum 30ml

DKNY Women Eau de Parfum, 30ml A Refined, Floral Adventure

For the modern urban woman, the DKNY Women Eau de Parfum, 30ml bottle is designed with the tantalising aura of the city in mind. This fragrance is a luxurious blend of crisp tomato leaves, succulent blood orange, and exotic mandarin vodka the perfect recipe to ignite your wild side. Key things to note about this product include:

Key Features:

Top Notes: Enjoy a rush of freshness and vigour, with an intriguing infusion of tomato leaves, blood orange, and mandarin vodka.
Heart Notes: Immerse yourself in an alluring symphony of water lily, orchid, and daffodil, which delivers a delightful burst of floral charm.
Base Notes: The distinctive accents of white birch and tulip round off the scent, providing depth and richness.

This Eau de Parfum is more than just a simple scent; it’s a nuanced bouquet that wraps your senses in a soft, subtle veil of luxury. Whether you’re wearing this fragrance for a working day in the office or an evening gala, it will infuse your aura with an undeniable sophistication.


Q: Is the DKNY Women Eau de Parfum suitable for day wear or evening wear?
A: This dynamic and versatile fragrance works great for both day and evening wear due to its balanced blend of notes, which are both fresh and rich.

Q: How long does the perfume last?
A: As with most Eau de Parfums, you can expect it to last typically 5-8 hours, however, this can vary depending on your skin type and the environment.

Q: Does this perfume work throughout all the seasons?
A: Yes, the DKNY Women Eau de Parfum, with its diverse set of notes, can be worn across different seasons and offers a fresh touch in the warm months and a deep richness in the cooler ones.

Q: How strong is the floral note in this perfume?
A: The floral note is noticeable but not overwhelming, as it masterfully blends with the top and base notes. It creates a sophisticated and harmonious balance to the overall composition.