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Derek Lam Rain Day For Women 1 ml EDP Spray Vial On Card (Mini)


Derek Lam Rain Day For Women 1 ml EDP Spray Vial On Card (Mini)

Derek Lam Rain Day For Women 1ml EDP Spray Vial On Card (Mini)

From the renowned design house of Derek Lam, comes the Rain Day For Women perfume, a unique blend of oriental and floral fragrance with spry overtones of vetiver and neroli. This delightful scent comes in a convenient 1ml EDP spray vial on card, making it the ideal choice for first-time buyers or those seeking a handy travel-size scent.

Key Considerations:

Fragrance Profile: The perfume offers a synchrony of oriental floral aroma with the freshness of vetiver and neroli notes. The quintessential summertime scent, it’s perfect for those who favour a subtle, fresh fragrance.
Longevity: Derek Lam Rain Day is an EDP spray implying high concentration of aromatic compounds, promising a long-lasting fragrance that stands the test of time.
Size: The 1ml mini size is perfect for trial or travel, allowing you to carry your favourite scent wherever you go, without the bulk of a full-sized bottle.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long does the fragrance last?
A: As an Eau De Parfum, the Derek Lam Rain Day promises a high longevity, lasting several hours post-application.

Q: Is this an original Derek Lam product?
A: Yes, this mini vial is an authentic product from the design house of Derek Lam.

Q: Can I carry this in my carry-on luggage in airplanes?
A: Yes, the 1ml vial size meets the airline regulations for carry-on liquids and is perfect for air travel.

Q: Would this mini vial provide an accurate representation of the fragrance?
A: Absolutely! Even though it’s a mini vial, it packs the same high-quality fragrance as the full-sized bottle hence, it’s perfect for those who wish to try it out before buying a larger quantity.

The Derek Lam Rain Day for Women is your go-to accessory for a refreshing touch on warm summer days or an invigorating lift on cooler autumn evenings. Whether you’re exploring a new city, heading to work, or stepping out for a special occasion, the timeless allure of this scent will definitely captivate all around you.