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Derek Lam Drunk on Youth For Women 1 ml EDP Spray Vial On Card (Mini)


Derek Lam Drunk on Youth For Women 1 ml EDP Spray Vial On Card (Mini)

Derek Lam Drunk on Youth for Women 1ml EDP Spray Vial on Card (Mini)
Accentuate your natural allure, be it in a casual setting or an intimate panoramic night out with the Derek Lam ‘Drunk on Youth’ perfume. This titillating EDT spray, which launched in 2015, sends out vivacious vibes of a youth-affirming floral fruity fragrance that’s become a modern classic among stylish women across the UK.

What sets ‘Drunk on Youth’ apart from other scents is its avant-garde mix of apple and honey-suckle. This incredibly unique blend captures the spirit of youthful love and joyful optimism. A casual whiff is all it takes to evoke the vision of a fruitful apple orchard basking in the gentle warmth of a sunny day. It’s a fragrance made for those special moments where you wish to express your playful, free-spirited nature. Whether you’re stepping out for a brunch with friends or a romantic date in the park, ‘Drunk on Youth’ will be your perfect aromatic companion.

Delightful Blend: Crafted with a radiant blend of apple and honey-suckle, offering a pleasantly fruity and floral scent. Long-lasting Effect: Thanks to its concentration as an EDP (Eau De Parfum), it’s one spritz assures you of long-lasting fragrance. Mini Spray Vial: Comes in a handy 1ml format that’s perfect for those unplanned occasions when you want to quickly freshen up.


What type of scent does Derek Lam Drunk on Youth have? This fragrance has a floral fruity scent thanks to the remarkable blend of apple and honey-suckle. Where should I apply this perfume for it to last longer? Apply it to pulse points such as the wrists, neck and behind the ears to make the scent linger and diffuse over time. What occasions are best for Derek Lam’s Drunk on Youth? This scent is versatile enough for casual occasions, brunch with friends, date night or even an office setting. What packaging does Derek Lam Drunk on Youth come in? The perfume comes in a handy 1ml EDP Spray Vial on Card, making it perfect for on-the-go use and to keep in a handbag for when you need to freshen up.