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Derek Lam 2am Kiss EDP Spray (Mini)


Derek Lam 2am Kiss EDP Spray (Mini)

Derek Lam 2am Kiss EDP Spray (Mini)
Encapsulating the hidden mystique of midnight romance, the Derek Lam 2am Kiss Eau de Parfum Spray (Mini) is a fragrant marvel that was unveiled by the esteemed design house of Derek Lam in 2015. Offering a blend of classy passion and modern femininity, this perfume for women is a refined representation of the brand’s dedication to producing sublime fragrances.

A 10 ml EDP spray in mini form, the 2am Kiss ensures aromatically enchanting moments are always within your reach, even on the go. The intimately compelling scent gradually blooms through the day, revealing a complex bouquet of fragrance notes intriguing and unpredictable.

Buyer Considerations:

Brand Stature: Derek Lam is globally renowned for its exquisite designs and impeccable quality, making this perfume an undeniably prestigious choice.
Size: The mini 10 ml EDP spray is perfect for those on the move, conveniently fit in your purse, so you’re never without your signature scent.
Unveiling Notes: The 2am kiss reveals its aromatic allure over time, making it ideal for those seeking a fragrance experience that transcends the norm.


What year was the Derek Lam 2am Kiss EDP launched?
2am Kiss EDP was introduced to the fragrance world by the design house of Derek Lam in the year 2015.

What is the size of this Derek Lam perfume?
This is a mini perfume spray that comes in a 10 ml package designed for your convenience while travelling or carrying in small purses.

Who is this fragrance designed for?
The elegant and sophisticated 2am Kiss EDP by Derek Lam is specifically designed for women looking for a captivating and lasting fragrance.

Can the fragrance of 2am Kiss last through the day?
Yes, 2am Kiss by Derek Lam subtly unfolds its boundless notes through hours, ensuring a persisting and enduring aroma.

The Derek Lam 2am Kiss EDP Spray (Mini) is more than just a fragrance; it’s a sensory journey that evokes an aura of enigmatic glamour. Embrace not just a scent, but a manifestation of sophisticated allure!