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Compeed Ampollas Sport 5 Uds


Compeed Ampollas Sport 5 Uds

Compeed Sport Blisters Relief 5 Units

Wake up to an elixir of ultimate skin protection and superior comfort with Compeed Sport Blisters Relief; your perfect on-the-go companion for performing physical activities without the unnecessary intrusion of painful blisters. These foot wonders weigh a mere 27 grams, offering you a convenient ally in your everyday sport ventures. Our tiny yet robust ampoules are perfect for your back-pocket, gym bag, or even your travel luggage.

Product Highlights

Highly Durable & Resilient: Crafted to withstand rigorous sport activities, our ampoules provide superior protection and coverage against the toughest of blisters.
Ultimate Comfort: These lightweight ampoules are seamlessly adjustable to any foot shape providing a second skin-like feel and ultimate comfort.
Portable & Convenient: With a lightweight of 27 grams, these ampoules are a compact solution for on-the-go blister relief and prevention.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do the Compeed Sport Blisters Relief work on existing blisters?
They act as a second layer of skin, creating a protective barrier and providing instant pain relief. With continuous use, they can assist in speeding up the healing process and prevent new blisters from forming.

Can these ampoules be used for other physical activities apart from sports?
Absolutely, while designed with sports in mind, they’re perfect for days out walking, long shopping trips, or even when breaking in new shoes!

How long does each ampoule last?
Each Compeed ampoule can last up to several days, making sure you have extended protection. However, we recommend replacing it after a maximum of 7 days.

Are these blister ampoules waterproof?
Yes, the Compeed Blister Relief are designed to stay firmly in place even in wet conditions making them perfect for sports activities in all weather conditions.

Grab your pack of Compeed Sport Blisters Relief pack today, and step into a world where blisters are a thing of the past. Remember, it’s not about enduring discomfort, it’s about soaring above it with confidence, comfort, and optimal performance. Harness a worry-free athletic lifestyle with Compeed!