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Coach Dreams Eau de Parfum, 40 ml


Coach Dreams Eau de Parfum, 40 ml

Coach Dreams Eau de Parfum, 40 ml
Experience the exhilarating adventure of a quintessential American road trip with the Coach Dreams Eau de Parfum! Infused with the invigorating notes of radiant bitter orange, this fragrance will lend you an ever-lasting freshness. It tenderly balances these citrus vibes with the sensual warmth of gardenia, giving you a luxurious, multi-faceted aroma. The perfume then ventures into the enchanting realm of cactus flower and Joshua tree scents, creating a striking olfactory composition that’s hard to forget.

Why choose the Coach Dreams Eau de Parfum:

Luxury in each spritz: The precious silver spray cap assures a fine mist delivery, ensuring luxurious application each time.
Blend of unique essences: The fragrance presents a unique harmony of bitter orange with gardenia, cactus flower, and Joshua tree, a concoction you don’t come across every day.
Echoes of Craftsmanship: The bottle sports a refined leather ring, nodding to Coach’s rich leather heritage and craftsmanship.

Discover the thrilling odyssey of the Coach Dreams Eau de Parfum, an adventure bottled up just for you, in the heart of luxury, and craftsmanship.


Q: How long does the scent of Coach Dreams Eau de Parfum last?
A: Coach Dreams Eau de Parfum has a moderate to long-lasting aroma, giving you a fresh feel throughout the day.

Q: Is the scent too intense, or is it suitable for daily wear?
A: Absolutely. Although this fragrance has a striking olfactory composition, it is neither overwhelming nor underwhelming, making it perfect for everyday use.

Q: Is the bitter orange scent too sharp?
A: No, the bitter orange note is refreshing yet balanced, thanks to the warmth of gardenia combined with it.

Q: Is the leather ring removable?
A: The leather ring on the fragrance bottle adds to the aesthetic appeal of the product and is not designed to be removed.