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Clinique Happy Heart Parfum 50ml~~BRI


Clinique Happy Heart Parfum 50ml~~BRI

Clinique Happy Heart Parfum 50ml

Bring in a burst of joy and freshness with the Clinique Happy Heart Parfum, a charming essence introduced by the iconic design house of Clinique in 2003. The scent profile of this intoxicating parfum merges the refreshing notes of mandarin orange and cucumber, coupled with the subtle hints of cassia. Take a sensory journey as the aroma unfolds further into the heart notes, where a unique blend of primula, carrot, and water hyacinth intermingle to create an alluring, captivating aura.

Rounding off this parfum’s delicate bouquet are the endnotes of sandalwood and white woods, lending a warmth and depth to the overall composition. Ideal for casual wear, this scent brings a light, carefree vibe that’s ideal for everyday use.

The mesmerising meld of mandarin orange, cucumber, and cassia ensures a revitalizing top note which wakes your senses every time you wear it.
A unique heart note featuring primula, carrot, and water hyacinth helps create an enchanting aura that persists throughout the day.
Endnotes of sandalwood and white woods offer a warm, woody final touch, making the fragrance more profound and alluring.


Q: What is the size of this perfume bottle?
A: This is a 50ml perfume bottle, making it a fine addition to your dressing table and a travel-friendly option.

Q: Is this perfume suitable for daily use?
A: Yes, Clinique Happy Heart Parfum’s refreshing scent profile makes it great for casual wear and everyday use.

Q: What is the main scent profile of this perfume?
A: This perfume brings you an intoxicating blend of citrus notes, such as mandarin orange, with a floral heart note and warm woody endnotes to create a balanced fragrance.

Q: Who is the perfume designed by?
A: The perfume is designed by the internationally acclaimed design house of Clinique.

Wrap yourself in the delightful embrace of Clinique Happy Heart Parfum, a fragrance that echoes joy and sophistication in every spritz. For those who appreciate a classic yet unique fragrance, this perfume offers an enduring and enchanting aroma that’s bound to leave an impression.