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Clean – Shower Fresh EDP 30 ml


Clean - Shower Fresh EDP 30 ml

Easy on sensitive noses: With its gentle, unassuming scent, Shower Fresh is an excellent choice for those sensitive to strong perfumes.
Long-lasting: Despite its subtle nature, this EDP stays with you, keeping you freshly-scented all day long.
Species-appropriate: This cruelty-free product is not tested on animals, offering a guilt-free fresh scent experience.

What overall scent profile does Shower Fresh have?
Shower Fresh from Clean provides a scent that is primarily fresh and clean, with hints of citrus, soap and water.

Can this perfume be worn by both men and women?
Absolutely! Shower Fresh has a unisex scent that is enjoyed by both men and women alike.

How long does the fragrance typically last?
The long-lasting formulation means you can enjoy refreshing notes of Shower Fresh for several hours.

Does this perfume contain any harmful chemicals that I should be aware of?
No, Shower Fresh by Clean is free from harsh chemicals and is not tested on animals, making it a conscious and ethical choice for fragrance lovers.

Whether you’re heading to work, have a day of chores ahead or that special date in the evening, Clean’s Shower Fresh EDP will keep you smelling fresh and fantastic throughout your busy day! Its subtle yet persistent aroma leaves a refreshing trail, making it a delightful addition to your skincare routine. This light-hearted yet deeply scented perfume is designed to evoke comfort and freshness, ensuring you are always at your best.

Experience the sensation of a warm shower on your skin, whenever you want. But remember, it’s not just about feeling fresh it’s about feeling clean and natural, too. And with Shower Fresh, you can experience that freshness and cleanliness all day, every day. Wrap yourself in the pure, simple, and unequivocally refreshing scent of Clean Shower Fresh Eau De Parfum.