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Chopard Neroli Cardamome for Women 3.5 ml


Chopard Neroli Cardamome for Women 3.5 ml

Chopard Neroli Cardamome for Women 3.5ml

Radiating refreshingly floral allure and a treasure-trove of spicy elegance, Chopard introduces the Neroli Cardamome for Women. Emanating from the reputable design house of Chopard, this enchanting 3.5 ml fragrance explores the invigorating blend of the zesty mandarin, passionate neroli bigaradia, captivating orange blossom, and exotic spicy cardamom. With an intense suggestion for casual, everyday wear, it gracefully embodies the spontaneous and vibrant spirit of the modern woman.

Key Considerations:

An intoxicatingly fresh scent perfectly blending juicy mandarin, neroli bigaradia, orange blossom, and the spice of cardamom. Providing a hypnotic blend that is as unique as it is irresistible.
Designed by the prestigious house of Chopard, you’re investing in a brand renowned for quality, style, and the ability to create evocative and memorable scents.
A fragrance that beautifully encapsulates a casual aura, lending itself to everyday wear. Bask in this scent during weekend outings, friendly meetups, or even during relaxed working days to uplift your mood and boost your confidence.


Q: Is this perfume overpowering or heavy for daily use?
A: Absolutely not. The Chopard Neroli Cardamome is a blend that is designed to be light and refreshing, making it an ideal perfume choice for daily wear.

Q: How long does the scent linger?
A: This perfume offers a moderate longevity, which allows you to enjoy the fragrance throughout your day.

Q: Does it work well for all seasons?
A: Yes, it’s a versatile scent that adapulously to both the refreshingly cool climate of winter or spring and the warm, lively atmosphere of the summer or autumn months.

Q: What is the prominent note in this fragrance?
A: The vibrant neroli bigaradia blended with spicy cardamom takes the center stage, while the zesty mandarin and exotic orange blossom add an unforgettable touch to this alluring concoction.

Representing an aromatic journey of freshness and warmth, Neroli Cardamome for Women by Chopard challenges convention, sublimely infusing every moment with an unexpected twist. Whether you’re caught up in a casual coffee meetup or a relaxed day at work, a quick spritz of this fragrance bestows an invigorating sparkle, creating a subtly stylish signature.