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Chop Or de Calambac Edp Vapo 100ml


Chop Or de Calambac Edp Vapo 100ml

Chop Or de Calambac Edp Vapo 100ml by Chopard

Unveiling the emblematic fragrance from Chopard, the Chop Or de Calambac Edp Vapo 100ml, a feminine fragrance with an intoxicating blend that will imbue your senses with a relaxing and refreshing aura. The fragrance’s unique and stylish combination is ideally suited for casual use, offering a luscious scent that leaves an enduring trail of charm.

Product Features:

An exquisite blend of traditional spices like cinnamon, cardamom, star anise, and pepper that creates an invigorating and invigorating fragrance profile.
The gourmet touch, a unique aspect of this perfume comes to life with notes of cocoa, tonka bean and vanilla, giving it a deep, creamy, and warm hint for the perfect balance.
Designed and crafted by Chopard, a brand renowned for its creativity and craftsmanship, this perfume ensures quality and class in each spritz.


Q: What is the size of this Chopard perfume bottle?
A: This Chop Or de Calambac Edp Vapo by Chopard comes in a 100ml bottle size.

Q: Is this perfume recommended for any particular use?
A: Yes, with its balanced blend of spices and gourmet notes, it’s ideally recommended for casual use.

Q: What are the main notes of this fragrance?
A: The main notes in this perfume are cinnamon, cardamom, star anise, pepper, gourmet, cocoa, tonka bean, and vanilla.

Q: What type of scent does this perfume have?
A: This perfume carries a feminine scent with a unique blend of warmth from the gourmet notes and a spicy kick from the traditional spices.

So, step forward with confidence and add a dash of sophistication to your everyday moments with this Chopard creation. Make that lasting impression and let the Chop Or de Calambac Edp Vapo 100ml do the magic for you. Why just smell good when you can create memories?