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Cartier Baiser Vole EDP Spray 30 ml


Cartier Baiser Vole EDP Spray 30 ml

Cartier Baiser Vole EDP Spray 30 ml

Indulge in the splendour of delicate floral aromas with the Cartier Baiser Vole EDP Spray in a delightful 30 ml version. This perfume is a charming blend, bursting with expressions of fresh, powdery, and distinctly feminine attributes. It’s sophisticated yet intuitive, making it a show-stopper suitable for all occasions.

Key Features to Consider

It prominently contains notes of refined and elegant lily petals that dominate the scent profile, bringing a sense of timeless elegance.
The incorporation of green leaves of lily enhances the natural floral theme and adds a unique fresh twist to the fragrance.
The added kick of citrus gives it a tangy undertone, energizing and uplifting the overall aroma, perfect for a woman who loves a bit of a vivacious undertone in her perfume.


  1. Can I wear this perfume on all occasions?
    Yes, it’s a versatile fragrance perfect for all occasions, from everyday wear at work to special occasions.

  2. What is the main aroma of this perfume?
    Cartier Baiser Vole EDP Spray 30 ml primarily features a floral scent, with lily petals and leaves forming the keynotes.

  3. Is this perfume overpowering or subtle?
    The perfume balances a fine line of being distinct but not overpowering. The floral notes and citrus twang create a harmony that’s elegant yet noticeable.

  4. What size is the perfume bottle?
    This perfume comes in a handy 30 ml bottle. It’s a great size for your handbag or travelling.

By Cartier, a world-renowned French luxury goods maker, Baiser Vole EDP Spray is for the woman who wants to radiate sophistication and elegance. Its delicate floral scent, with a hint of energetic citrus, will leave everyone around you mesmerised. It’s 30 ml package makes it perfect for those who love to carry their favourite fragrance everywhere they go. Truly, a scent that tells a tale of freshness, femininity, sophistication, and intuition!