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Fenjal Luxury Body Spray, White, 75 ml (Pack of 1)


Fenjal Luxury Body Spray, White, 75 ml (Pack of 1)

Fenjal Luxury Body Spray, White, 75 ml (Pack of 1)
Your olfactory senses are in for a real treat with the Fenjal Luxury Body Spray. This elegantly packaged 75ml, one-pack classic is not just any body spray, it’s the ultimate accessory for those who crave style and substance in their choice of fragrances.
Fusing moisturising benefits with soothing fragrances, this piece of liquid gold ensures your skin enjoys a hydrating boost while enveloping you in a cloud of the classic Fenjal scent. But, what makes this product unique?

No Harsh Chemicals: Unlike most body sprays, Fenjal’s commitment to skin health is clearly demonstrated with its zero use of mineral oils, colourants, parabens or preservatives.
Dermatologically Tested: This body spray isn’t just a soothing fragrance; it is also carefully created and tested by skin experts to ensure it’s safe for all skin types.
Luxurious Fragrance: Delicately fragranced with the classic Fenjal scent, this body spray is capable of transporting your senses to a field of fresh wildflowers every time you use it.

Now, we know you might still have some questions, so let’s tackle those head-on:

Q1: Is this product safe for sensitive skin?
A1: Absolutely! The Fenjal Luxury Body Spray is dermatologically tested and free of parabens, mineral oils, colourants, and preservatives, making it safe and fit for all skin types.
Q2: Does the moisturising benefit last the whole day?
A2: Yes, the Fenjal Body Spray is designed not only to refresh you with a great scent but also hydrates your skin, providing all-day moisture.
Q3: Is the scent overpowering?
A3: Not at all. The Fenjal body spray possesses a delicate, classic scent that isn’t overbearing. It s just perfect to make you smell good without irritating those around you.
Q4: How long does the fragrance last?
A4: The fragrance has a lasting power of several hours; however, the duration can vary based on individual skin types and conditions.

For an explosion of classic, hydrating fragrance that stands you out in any crowd, the Fenjal Luxury Body Spray is your go-to companion. It s incredibly light-hearted, fun, and is a friendly component in your everyday skincare routine blend luxury with love for your skin.