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Fragrance Du Bois Santal Complet Perfume 100 ml


Fragrance Du Bois Santal Complet Perfume 100 ml

Fragrance Du Bois Santal Complet Perfume 100ml

Indulge yourself in a intricate mix of brightness and elegance with our Fragrance Du Bois Santal Complet Perfume. This mesmerising perfume isn’t just a fragrance, it’s an aromatic story that merges whimsy with sophistication to teleport you to a tropical paradise even on the chilliest of days.

At first spritz, you will be greeted with exuberant, zesty lemon notes that offer an energetic start. As the fragrance reveals its soul, you’ll find yourself ensnared in a captivating heart of exotic violet intertwined with the mystic spice of black pepper. Finally, the base notes of sandalwood, radiant amber, sensuous musk, and comforting vanilla come together to present a glorious finale, echoing the allure of a serene setting sun. This soft, sensual, gentle concoction is laced with meditative sandalwood – which is ageless and enduring – and a hint of fun, holiday-like coconut.

Key Points to Consider:

The adventurous blend of citrus, florals, and warm tones offers a perfect balance, making this fragrance suitable for all seasons.
With its long-lasting formula, Fragrance Du Bois Santal Complet mesmerises without becoming overwhelming.
The high-quality ingredients ensure a luxurious experience, making every spritz a mini escape to paradise.


Q: Is Fragrance Du Bois Santal Complet suitable for both day and night wear?
A: Yes, absolutely. The versatility in notes from bright lemon to subtle sandalwood makes it suitable for both daytime charm and nighttime allure.
Q: Does this fragrance last throughout the day?
A: Indeed, this perfume has impressive longevity, making sure you stay pharmaceutically captivating from breakfast meetings to evening sunsets.
Q: Could this fragrance be a good gift choice?
A: Absolutely. Its luxurious feel, long-lasting effect and multifaceted character make it a thoughtful and appreciated gift for any occasion.
Q: Can this be worn by all genders?
A: Yes, this perfume has a universal charm that doesn’t stick to traditional gender-specific scents and is loved by all scent explorers.

Fragrance Du Bois Santal Complet Perfume 100ml, a trip to the tropics with just a quick spritz, and transport yourself to your island getaway any time, any day. Escape the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary!