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Fragrance Du Bois Parisian Perfume 50 ml


Fragrance Du Bois Parisian Perfume 50 ml

Fragrance Du Bois Parisian Perfume 50 ml
Allow us to guide you through the redefined elegance of Fragrance Du Bois Parisian Perfume in a 50 ml bottle a showcase of scents that are simultaneously complex and sophisticated, yet subtle and ethereal.

An exploration of its contents leads us into a top note of feisty grapefruit, gently mellowed by a delicate hint of almond. Laying the foundation for this unconventional symphony of fragrances is the 100% pure, natural Oud, known for adding unparalleled depth and warmth to perfumes.

Why Should You Consider This Perfume?

Radiates a symphony of floral medley including essentials like rose essence, white jasmine, and geranium, creating a vivid and lively body. Delivers a balance of smoky, rich, resinous notes at the base, offered by Cistus labdanum and frankincense conveying an almost ethereal smokiness. The Parisian Perfume is the embodiment of an exclusive, luxury fragrance that leaves a lasting impression on the senses, without overwhelming.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: How would you describe the overall scent of this perfume?
A: The Fragrance Du Bois Parisian Perfume can be best described as a graceful balance of citrusy, floral, and smoky notes starting fresh, evolving into a floral melody, and eventually settling into an ethereal smoky aura.

Q: What is the main constituent of the fragrance?
A: The foundation of this fragrance is 100% pure, natural Oud, a distinctive component that adds depth and warmth, creating an elaborate, layered scent.

Q: What makes this perfume different from other luxury fragrances?
A: Its uniqueness lies in the sophisticated blend of diverse scent profiles citrus, floral, and smoky that together craft a harmonious yet intriguing fragrance.

Q: Is this scent suitable for all occasions?
A: Absolutely! Thanks to its multi-layered scent profile, this perfume suits every occasion from a day at the office to an evening social event.

Trust the Fragrance Du Bois Parisian Perfume to make a statement that’s truly your own an irresistible combination of fresh, floral and smoky notes that leaves a distinct trail wherever you go!