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Fragrance Du Bois Parisian Perfume 100 ml


Fragrance Du Bois Parisian Perfume 100 ml

Fragrance Du Bois Parisian Perfume 100 ml

Indulge in the refined fragrant symphony of Fragrance Du Bois Parisian Perfume with every drop from this 100ml bottle. Boasting a smart top note of refreshing grapefruit, this intricate concoction is tempered with a hint of delicate almond, unveiling an unexpected twist in your sensory experience. The intriguing 100% pure and natural Oud adds depth to the fragrance, taking your olfactory senses on a compelling journey that blossoms into a sophisticated, multi-layered symphony.

The heart of this remarkable perfume opens up into a blooming medley of florals, featuring exquisite rose essence intermingling with pure white jasmine and lively geranium. This bouquet, evoking the vibrant and romantic streets of a charming Parisian evening, creates a serene yet captivating aroma that leaves an unforgettably enchanting trail.
Transitioning down to a more robust base, the scent is complimented with the infusion of leather Cistus labdanum, adding an indulgent richness to its overall personality. The tantalising base note of frankincense spruces up the tapestry with deep, resinous accents, conjuring an almost transcendent smokiness that teases your senses.
Designed to appeal to individuals who appreciate a complex, sophisticated scent profile, Fragrance Du Bois Parisian Perfume provides a powerful yet balanced fragrance experience, blending sparkling citrus notes, romantically soft florals, and deeper, mysterious tones.


Is this fragrance more floral or citrusy?
While starting with a citrus burst, the scent swiftly evolves into a floral blend before settling into a more sophisticated, resinous note. It is an intimate balance of all nuances, making it a well-rounded fragrance.
Is Fragrance Du Bois Parisian perfume unisex?
Yes, it’s an alluring mix of notes that caters to all, regardless of gender, thanks to its sophisticated symphony of aromas.
Does the scent last throughout the day?
Indeed, the rich base notes of frankincense and labdanum ensure that the scent lingers and evolves over the day.
Is the perfume 100 % natural?
Absolutely, the Fragrance Du Bois Parisian Perfume prides itself on being 100% pure and natural, particularly its keynote of Oud.

In a nutshell, fragrance enthusiasts will love diving deep into the layers of this exclusive Fragrance Du Bois Parisian Perfume, which not just titillates the senses, but also takes you on a mesmerising fragrant journey!