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Givenchy Pi Edt Spray 100ml


Givenchy Pi Edt Spray 100ml

Givenchy Pi After Shave Spray 100ml

If you’re looking for a delightful cocktail that leaves a lasting impression, the Givenchy Pi After Shave Spray 100ml is your perfect pick. This exciting fragrance is not just another perfume; it is a journey of scent that blends quintessential elements from the original designers. More so, it can be your go-to fragrance for any occasion be it daily use or for those special moments.


Authenticity: This eye-catching bottle contains a 100 percent authentic fragrance from Givenchy, proving its supreme quality and credibility straight from the original designers.

Occasion: This spray is sure to fit your every need and mood, be it a low-key everyday event or a special occasion, this fragrance never disappoints.

Volume: Packed in a 100ml container, this fragrance gives you the luxury of enjoying its irresistible scent for a long-lasting period.


Q1: Is this product really an original from the designer Givenchy?
A1: Yes, all our fragrances, including Givenchy Pi After Shave Spray, are a 100 percent originals from their original designers. They are not replicas or imitations.

Q2: Can I wear this fragrance on a daily basis?
A2: Absolutely! This perfume has been designed to suit every occasion, and you can wear it as your everyday scent without worry.

Q3: Is the scent overpowering, or does it remain subtle throughout the day?
A3: The Givenchy Pi After Shave Spray carries an irresistible scent that perfectly balances impact with subtlety, making it just right for use throughout the day.

Q4: How much perfume is in every bottle?
A4: Every bottle of this Givenchy aftershave spray contains a generous 100ml of perfume.

Turn your days into an aromatic delight with the Givenchy Pi After Shave Spray. It encapsulates the essence of sophistication, intrigue and charm a perfect pick for those who embrace their uniqueness. It’s not just a perfume. It’s a lifestyle.