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Estee Lauder Eau de Toilette, 28 ml


Estee Lauder Eau de Toilette, 28 ml

Estee Lauder Eau de Toilette, 28 ml
Luxurious, seductive, and resplendent, the Estee Lauder Eau de Toilette is a notable concoction from the globally acclaimed house of Estee Lauder. This timeless fragrance is an ideal choice for the modern woman, reflecting a perfect blend of class and elegance.

Created with an engrossing mix of rose and geranium, this perfume creates an aura of mesmerising floral charm. The undernotes of amber, moss, vetiver, and sandalwood render an exquisite warmth, making it an irresistible choice for evening outings, events, or simply those close encounters.

When analysing your purchase, a few aspects are worth your time:

Composition: Blends of refreshing rose, striking geranium, and relaxing amber provide a sense of freshness, making its wearers turn heads wherever they go.
Occasion: Classified as an evening fragrance, this scent is the perfect companion for those special moments under the starlit sky.
Quantity: In a compact and travel-friendly 28 ml bottle, this Eau de Toilette ensures you stay fragrant on the go!

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Is the Estee Lauder Eau de Toilette suitable for daily use?
A: The sumptuous blend of this fragrance is ideal for evening wear, but its light composition doesn’t overpower, making it suitable for daytime use too.

Q: Is this perfume unisex?
A: While the Estee Lauder Eau de Toilette is predominantly women-focused, its timeless scent is enjoyed by all, irrespective of gender.

Q: How long does the fragrance last?
A: The lasting power is subjective and can vary based on individual skin types, but on average, the scent can linger for up to 6 hours.

Q: What size is the perfume bottle?
A: The perfume comes in a portable 28 ml bottle, perfect for those who are always on the go.

The Estee Lauder Eau de Toilette captures the spirit of a woman who is elegant, confident and appreciates luxury. Uncover the magic of this sophisticated fragrance and give your senses a truly divine experience.