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Fila Fila for Men 2 Pc Gift Set


Fila Fila for Men 2 Pc Gift Set

Fila Fila for Men 2 Pc Gift Set

Introducing the dynamic and stylish Fila Fila for Men 2 Pc Gift Set, first launched by the acclaimed design house of Fila in 2016. This unmistakable oriental fougere fragrance treads the line between sporty and elegant, offering a memorable scent that is perfect for everyday casual wear.

Highlights of the Fila Fila for Men 2 Pc Gift Set

Unique Blend of Notes: This signature scent is characterized by its invigorating and exotic blend of bergamot, cardamom, and pepper top notes, which smoothly transition into the heart notes consisting of geranium, lavender and sage. The base is a warming blend of cedar, tonka bean, and vetiver, giving the fragrance its long-lasting, masculine allure.
Perfect for Casual Wear: Lounging around at home, hitting the gym, or stepping out for a casual meeting, this fragrance set is ideal for any laid-back setting or off-duty occasion.
Great Gift Idea: Packaged as a 2-piece set, this makes a perfect gift for any man who appreciates quality fragrances. Ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, or as a surprise token of your affection!


Q: Is this fragrance set suitable for all age groups?A: Absolutely! The Fila Fila for Men is a timeless scent that can be enjoyed by men of all ages.
Q: Can this fragrance be worn throughout the year?A: Yes, the complex blend of notes in this fragrance lends itself well to all seasons, making it a versatile choice for year-round wear.
Q: Is this a genuine Fila product?A: Absolutely, this fragrance set is genuine and directly sourced from the official design house of Fila.
Q: What is the staying power of this fragrance?A: This fragrance has a remarkable longevity due to its rich base notes of cedar, tonka bean, and vetiver, making it last throughout your day.

The Fila Fila for Men 2 Pc Gift Set is a sophisticated blend of adventure and style. This casual fragrance is the perfect companion for a man who likes to keep things simple yet significant. Offering versatility and freshness, it encapsulates the essence of masculinity in the most fragrant way. Get yours today!