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Etro Via Verri Eau de Toilette, 50 ml


Etro Via Verri Eau de Toilette, 50 ml

Etro Via Verri Eau de Toilette, 50ml

Unearth the sumptuous blend of classic style and modern interpretation in Etro’s Via Verri Eau de Toilette. Crafted with a captivating blend of natural and aromatic accords, evocative of the sensory journey traversing from the orient’s warmth to the freshness of European woods. This unique gender-neutral fragrance perfectly captures the essence of contemporary elegance for both women and men.

Delightful Product Features

Spicy Woody Notes: Hedged in a blend of mandarin orange, cardamom, and coriander, it familiarises you with an invigorating and tantalising douse of aromatic top notes, striking the perfect balance between freshness and warmth.
Enchanting Heart Notes: Connotes a sensual fusion of jasmine, nutmeg, and cypress – ingredients renowned for their naturally comforting and soothing properties, providing a smooth transition to the perfume s final layers.
Warm Base Notes: Emanating from the base are the rich notes of oak, amber, and musk that lend an earthy, robust undertone, ensuring a prolonged fragrance longevity that works the same magic from day to night.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Etro Via Verri Eau de Toilette designed for?
This is a unisex fragrance designed to complement the unique chemistry of both men and women. Its blend of natural and aromatic notes make it suitable for anyone seeking a modern, fresh, and warm scent.

What is the longevity of this fragrance?
The top-quality blend of the fragrance s natural elements ensures a lasting scent. Notable are the base notes of oak, amber, and musk that ensure fragrance longevity that keeps with you day and night.

What is the best time to wear this fragrance?
Given its warm and fresh tones, it is great for all-day wear. Its versatile scent beautifully transitions from day to night, making it ideal for any event or occasion.

What size is the bottle?
The Etro Via Verri Eau de Toilette comes in a neat, compact 50 ml bottle.

Allow the Etro Via Verri Eau de Toilette, a 50 ml of sophistication and tenderness, to sprinkle a dash of spice and warmth into your everyday life. Its inviting blend of natural scents makes it perfect for those seeking a modern, versatile fragrance that captures the harmony of nature and human warmth. Whether you wear it for a night out or an afternoon at the office, it is sure to envelop you in a signature scent, uniquely yours.