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Dunhill Desire Gold EDT M 100 ml


Dunhill Desire Gold EDT M 100 ml

Dunhill Desire Gold Eau de Toilette (EDT) for Men 100 ml

Introducing the Dunhill Desire Gold Eau de Toilette (EDT) for Men; a premium fragrance that combines quality, value and ease of use. Packaged in a handsome 100 ml bottle, this perfume is an affordable extravagance that is sure to delight your senses.

Product Highlights:

Quality Fragrance: Dunhill Desire Gold EDT features a lavish blend of sensual and invigorating scents that leave a lasting impression, creating an olfactory experience unmatched in its class.
Value for Money: Despite being a high-end fragrance, Dunhill Desire Gold offers exceptional value. It epitomises luxury that is affordable, commanding a fair price for its superior quality.
Easy to Use: Housed in an ergonomically designed bottle, this EDT is easy to use. The efficient dispenser allows for moderate perfume application with a simple press, ensuring optimal fragrance dispersal every time.


Q: What is the overarching scent of the Dunhill Desire Gold EDT?
A: Dunhill Desire Gold boasts a medley of unique notes, creating an intoxicating yet refined scent that is difficult to resist.

Q: Is this product suitable for daily use?
A: Absolutely! The sophisticated, yet not overpowering aroma of the Dunhill Desire Gold EDT makes it perfect for daily usage, enhancing your charisma in every situation.

Q: Can I use this product for special occasions or night events?
A: Certainly! The warm tones and depth of the fragrance make it a fitting companion for special occasions and night events.

Q: How do I make the fragrance last longer?
A: For the best results, apply the EDT on pulse points, such as behind the ear, on your wrist, inside your elbow and at the base of your throat. The warmth of these areas will help the fragrance to unfold throughout the day.

Imbibing the sophisticated masculine spirit, Dunhill Desire Gold EDT, with its exquisite melange of scents, takes you on an aromatic journey that stands the test of time. So why settle for ordinary when you can indulge in the extraordinary? Embrace Dunhill Desire Gold today, and be prepared to command any room you enter.