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Cristiano Ronaldo Cr7 Game On 2 Pcs: Eau De Toilette 50ml+Shower Gel 150ml


Cristiano Ronaldo Cr7 Game On 2 Pcs: Eau De Toilette 50ml+Shower Gel 150ml

Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 Game On 2 Piece Set: Eau De Toilette 50ml and Shower Gel 150ml

Drag the invigorating scent of soccer’s top player into your daily grooming routine with this exclusive two-piece set from Cristiano Ronaldo s esteemed CR7 Game On collection. Revel in the exhilaration of oriental wood notes, balanced perfectly with chilling ice nuances, designed to ignite and stir up your senses. This ideal masculine fragrance choice includes an intoxicating Eau De Toilette and complementary shower gel.

This particular set strikes the perfect equilibrium between boldness and cool intensity, echoing the sporty dynamism personified by Cristiano Ronaldo himself. The oriental woody fragrance swirls a cocktail of exotic spices to present a fresh and energetic scent that notably stands out. The subsequent ice nuances, on the other hand, bring a refreshing blow that quenches the intensity of the spices, producing a harmonious fusion that’s invincible.

Key Takeaways:

A sophisticated blend of oriental woods and chilling ice nuances make for a sporty, energetic scent, designed to reflect the invigorating spirit of soccer’s leading face, Cristiano Ronaldo.
This double-action set includes a 50ml Eau De Toilette and a 150ml Shower Gel, initiating a refreshing layering effect for a lasting scent that’s consistent and beautifully amplifying.
Perfected to complement the athletic and assured man, this fragrance brings an unforgettable touch to those who wear it, just like the CR7 signature style.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: What s the composition of the Eau De Toilette? A: The Eau De Toilette comprises a unique blend of oriental wood notes and refreshing ice nuances, embodying a sporty, energetic scent. Q: Does the shower gel have the same scent as the Eau De Toilette? A: Yes, the shower gel exudes the identical oriental wood notes and ice nuances as the Eau De Toilette for a layered, long-lasting scent. Q: Can this set be used daily? A: Absolutely, both the Eau De Toilette and the shower gel are suitable for everyday use, leaving you feeling refreshed and empowered all day. Q: What’s the longevity of the fragrance? A: While individual experience may vary, the layered approach, when using both the Eau De Toilette and shower gel, promotes a substantial scent longevity.

Inspired by a champion, conceived for the bold, the Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 Game On 2-piece fragrance set is the quintessential scent for the dynamic, assured man. Embrace the unique fusion of oriental wood and icy freshness, switching your scent game on for an extra boost of confidence. Just as Ronaldo graces the field with unparalleled skill and majestic flair, welcome the power of his essence into your morning ritual.