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Coach Green Eau de Toilette 60ml & Travel Spray 7.5ml


Coach Green Eau de Toilette 60ml & Travel Spray 7.5ml

Coach Green Eau de Toilette 60ml & Travel Spray 7.5ml

Experience the invigorating and irresistible scent of Coach Green Eau de Toilette, a suave addition to any fragrance connoisseur’s collection. Brewed with Wood, Fruit and Green elements, this Eau de Toilette encourages you to start your journey fresh and inspired, all set within a handy 60ml bottle accompanied by a 7.5ml Travel Spray for the man on-the-go.

Key Features to Consider:

A unique combination: A mixture of Kiwi Accord top notes, Rosemary Essence heart notes, and Crystal Moss base notes that complement each other for a distinctive scent masterpiece.

Portable and convenient: With a 60ml bottle for every day use and a 7.5ml travel spray, you will never have to leave your signature scent behind, no matter where your adventures take you.

Brand Trust: This fragrance is brought to you by Coach, a well-known and loved brand worldwide, renowned for creating sophisticated and appealing scents.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What does the fragrance smell like?
    A. The first whiff of this perfume fills your senses with the refreshing aroma of Kiwi Accord followed by the aromatic hint of Rosemary Essence. The base note of Crystal Moss leaves an endearing, long-lasting scent that’s both enticing and unforgettable.

  2. Can this perfume be worn for any occasion?
    A. Yes, the Coach Green Eau de Toilette is versatile and suits every occasion – be it formal, casual, or a sudden evening out.

  3. Is the perfume bottle travel friendly?
    A. Yes. With its compact design and sturdy cap, it’s ideal for both travel and everyday use. The 7.5ml travel spray is a convenient way to carry your favorite fragrance with you wherever you go.

  4. Does it last long?
    A. Yes. The well-crafted mix of top, heart, and base notes create a durable fragrance that lasts, allowing you to make an impression wherever you go without frequent reapplication.

Begin your day with the exhilarating scent of Coach Green Eau de Toilette. Take a moment to indulge in the refreshing kiwi notes, enjoy the aromatic rosemary middle note and end your sensory journey through the deep, lasting Moss base note. This fragrance does not only smell amazing, but it provides aromatic consistency, making it the perfect companion for the man who values authenticity and boldness in every facet of his life.