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Coach Green Eau de Toilette 60 ml


Coach Green Eau de Toilette 60 ml

Coach Green Eau de Toilette 60 ml
Experience the dynamic balance of urban energy and serene tranquillity with Coach Green Eau de Toilette 60 ml. This unique blend captures the essence of nature’s verdant escapes hidden within the city’s vibrant pulses. A fusion of aromatic botanicals and revitalizing fruit scents, Coach Green is a sensory journey, refreshing as a city park’s lush haven.

The revitalising top note bursts with the zesty juiciness of Kiwi accord, imparting an invigorating freshness that awakens the senses. This intertwines exquisitely with aromatic Rosemary essence at the heart, adding a refined sophistication to the fragrance profile. The journey concludes with a lingering earthy and woody base note of Crystal Moss that grounds you back to the urban jungle whilst taking with it a sense of serenity and tranquillity.

In summary, here’s why Coach Green Eau de Toilette 60 ml is a must-have addition to your fragrance collection:

Innovative Blend: Experience an intriguing juxtaposition of the high-paced city energy and serene green tranquillity encapsulated in a bottle.
Quality Ingredients: Composed of premium aromatics, including Kiwi, Rosemary, and Crystal Moss, each spritz ensures lasting freshness.
All-day Wear: Built to last, Coach Green offers enduring fragrance that keeps you feeling fresh and energized all day.

Frequently Asked Questions about Coach Green Eau de Toilette 60 ml:

  1. Can the fragrance last all day?
    With its core of quality ingredients, the Coach Green Eau de Toilette offers a long-lasting fragrance that stands resilient throughout the day.

  2. Is the product suitable for sensitive skin?
    Whilst it is beneficial to patch test any new products, the Coach Green fragrance is designed for a broad array of skin types.

  3. Is the scent more tailored towards day or night use?
    Coach Green is a beautifully versatile fragrance. Its refreshing kick of Kiwi and the earthy Crystal Moss makes it perfect for both daytime freshness and a subtle, inviting evening aroma.

  4. Can women wear this fragrance?
    While Coach Green is technically a men’s fragrance, we firmly believe in the fluidity of fragrances. If the aromatic blend of Kiwi, Rosemary, and Crystal Moss appeals to your senses, by all means, enjoy it!