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Coach Green Eau de Toilette 40ml


Coach Green Eau de Toilette 40ml

Coach Green Eau de Toilette 40ml

Experience a unique olfactive journey with Coach Green Eau de Toilette (40ml), a breath-taking fragrance design that instigates a relaxing feeling and transcends the bustling energy of city life. Imagine meandering through lush, green landscapes without leaving the confines of the urban jungle. This captivating scent uniquely marries the fresh and juicy note of Kiwi with warm, aromatic Rosemary and an earthy, woody base of Crystal Moss to truly transport your senses.

Product Peak Points

Fresh and Uplifting Opening: This fragrance immediately engages you with a refreshing explosion of Kiwi at the top note- invigorating and delicately fruity to kick start your day with dynamism.

Rosemary Heart Note: As the scent unfolds, a heart note of Rosemary Essence infuses the perfume with an aromatic dimension, recalling clear green landscapes in the middle of a bustling city.

Woody and Earthy Base Note: As the fragrance settles on the skin, the base note of Crystal Moss emerges, imparting an earthy and woody finish that lingers throughout the day, providing a lasting commemoration of your unique olfactive journey.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can Coach Green Eau de Toilette be worn all year round?

– Absolutely. The vibrant green notes and earthy undertones make it versatile for all seasons, equally invigorating in the spring/summer and comforting in the autumn/winter.

  1. Is it suitable for both day and night use?

– Yes. With its refreshing start and subtle, woody dry down, Coach Green transitions beautifully from day to night, making it a great all-rounder.

  1. How can I make the fragrance last longer?

– For long-lasting results, spray the fragrance on the pulse points like wrists and behind the ears. You can also enhance longevity by layering with similar-scented body lotions.

  1. How many sprays of Coach Green Eau de Toilette should I use?

– The potency of the fragrance allows for moderate application. Usually, 2-3 sprays should be sufficient. But remember, always apply to your personal preference.

In conclusion, Coach Green Eau de Toilette (40ml) is a fragrance that celebrates quiet moments amidst chaos, encapsulating the serene aura of green landscapes in a bottle. It is an escape, an olfactive vacation, a breath of fresh air all tucked into your daily routine. Enjoy the pleasure of the city and countryside. Choose Coach Green!