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Eutopie No. 7 Eau de Perfume Spray 100 ml


Eutopie No. 7 Eau de Perfume Spray 100 ml

Eutopie No. 7 Eau de Parfum Spray
Introducing the bewitching Eutopie No. 7 Eau de Parfum Spray a blissful blend of floral, green, fruity, and spicy notes housed in an elegant 100ml bottle. This perfume is inspired by the lush, enchanting aroma of fruit trees, fragrant herbs, and exotic spices, guaranteeing an unforgettable olfactive journey.
The Fragrance Life Cycle

Top Notes: Begin your scented saga with playful flirtation as you experience the zesty effervescence of marigold, soused with the fruity charm of black currant, underscored by the fresh bite of galbanum and the spicy zing of pink pepper. Middle Notes: At the heart of this fascinating aroma lies a garden of floral luminance a bouquet of freesia, water jasmine, mimosa, and iris. This harmonious blend takes you on a sensory stroll through the entrancing fragrance of blooming florals. Base Notes: As the fragrance settles, you’ll be caressed by the warm earthy notes of cedarwood, balanced by the sensual veil of white musk, the lush sweetness of peach, and a soothing touch of amber.

This perfume is not just a scent it is an experience. A sensory delight for those who appreciate the art of masterful scent blending in their perfumery.
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main character of Eutopie No. 7? With its exquisite blend of floral, green, fruity, and spicy notes, Eutopie No. 7 offers an invigorating and captivating scent, perfect for anyone who seeks a unique olfactory experience. Is this perfume suitable for all seasons? Absolutely, the Eutopie No. 7 boasts a transformative scent that adapts to your environment, making it perfect across seasons and occasions. What is the longevity of this perfume on skin? This Eau de Parfum Spray is robust and lovingly lingers for hours on your skin, providing you with a continuous infusion of enchanting aroma. Is this Eau de Parfum unisex? Yes, Eutopie No. 7 is designed to suit all scent pursuers, regardless of gender. With its harmonious blend of notes, it offers a beautifully balanced aroma that is appreciated by all.

Unveil your most enchanting self with Eutopie No. 7. The sensory adventure awaits!