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El Nabil Sahara Oud Collection Fragrance 25 ml


El Nabil Sahara Oud Collection Fragrance 25 ml

El Nabil Sahara Oud Collection Fragrance (25 ml): A Modern and Oriental Aroma that Charms

Discover the pure and sophisticated charm of the East with El Nabil’s Sahara Oud Collection Fragrance. This 25 ml bottle encapsulates an aromatic journey through the spice markets and rose gardens of the Orient, capturing the essence of the East in a luxurious, modern perfume. It’s more than just a fragrance; it’s an enchanting tale told through scent, designed specifically for those who appreciate the refined, exotic scents of Oud.

Features to Consider

Experience the vibrant blend of spicy saffron notes, inspired by the richness of Eastern spice markets, creating an alluring scent profile that will truly captivate.
Enjoy the delicate balance of rose, adding a romantic and timeless aura to this signature scent. Its intimate embrace will linger on your skin, inviting intrigue and elegance.
Discover the warm undertones of amber and caramel bottom notes, providing a sweet, long-lasting finish to the scent that complements its spicy and floral elements. They tie together the fascinating fragrance story beautifully.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What makes the El Nabil Sahara Oud Collection Fragrance unique?

The Sahara Oud Collection Fragrance has a distinct and expertly woven mix of spicy, floral, and sweet notes. The colourful layers of scent inspired by oriental varieties create a truly one-of-a-kind essence that stands out in the world of perfumes.

  1. Who would this fragrance be most suitable for?

This fragrance is best appreciated by those who have a love for the scents of the Orient, particularly the unique and decadent aroma of Oud. Its complexity and richness also make it an excellent choice for those who enjoy stately, modern perfumes.

  1. How longlasting is the Sahara Oud Collection Fragrance?

Thanks to the amber and caramel base notes, the Sahara Oud Collection Fragrance has a long-lasting presence. Its endurance allows the fragrance to continue telling its aromatic tale throughout the day.

  1. Is the perfume overpowering or subtle?

Whilst the fragrance has depth due to its various notes, it is well balanced and not overwhelming. It indulges the senses with its richness without being overpowering, creating an intoxicating blend of scent that leaves an oriental charm wherever you go.

If you’re ready to embark on an olfactory journey defined by spicy saffron, romantic rose, and sweet caramel, El Nabil Sahara Oud Collection Fragrance (25 ml) is the perfect companion. It’s an invitiation to explore the grandeur and mystery of the Orient with every spray.